Adrian Mouat


By Adrian Mouat, EPCC.

Testing Eclipse plug-ins isn’t the straightforward walk-in-the-park you might be hoping for. For me, it’s been a marathon in a maze full of dead-ends. In the hope that I can spare you some of my pain, here are ten hints for anyone embarking on a similar journey:

As you probably know, you can use Run As to run code as a JUnit Plug-in Test. This creates a new workbench instance for running the tests, which means you can use the Eclipse Platform API within your tests. You have a large degree of control over the launched workbench,…

In the OGSA-DAI blog, Adrian Mouat wrote a blog post about code quality - illustrated by a rather accurate diagram from OSNews. We've kindly been allowed to repeat the post below.

As part of my work on the OGSA-DAI Visual Workbench project, I needed to evaluate the ADMIRE codebase. This led me to investigate the issue of how to define software code quality and how to assess it. Note that I wasn’t investigating the functional qualities of the code – whether or not it meets the user’s requirements – but how well written is the code itself? If you’ve done any research into this…

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