Aleksandra Nenadic

The SSI has officially published the beta release of the Intermediate Research Software Development Skills In Python course on Zenodo. This release is now ready to be taught by other instructors from The Carpentries community or anyone with the relevant expertise.
Aleksandra Nenadic, SSI Training Lead, shares resources available to researchers and Research Software Engineers to upskill on various topics around software development, research data management/analysis, software project management, open and reproducible science, teaching and lesson development skills, and more.
Here our Training Lead, Aleksandra Nenadic has rounded up our training updates and upcoming events.
Upcoming events from the Alan Turing Institute and Jisc.
SSI Training Lead Aleksandra Nenadic has rounded up our training updates and upcoming events.
Learning to code can be daunting and often it’s hard to know where to start to look for resources. As part of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet, we’ve collated training resources for researchers that want to learn to code. We’ve focused on resources that can aid researchers work better with spreadsheets or help them move beyond them.
The Software Sustainability Institute and LSST:UK are jointly delivering a workshop to pilot the new course on Intermediate Python Software Skills for the members of the LSST:UK community from 6 - 10 December 2021.
The new Carpentry-style training course in Intermediate Research Software Development skills has now been released into the Carpentries Incubator - an open repository for sharing community-developed lessons. The course is ready for wider reuse and feedback.
We’re thrilled to present our brand new monthly training round up. This month, we bring you opportunities of lessons in the Carpentries Incubator, workshops organised by the SSI staff, partners and collaborators, and updates from our Training Lead, Aleksandra Nenadic. 
The SSI is running The Carpentries Instructor Training online over four mornings from 15-18 June 2021. 
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