Carl Reynolds

By Helen Jackson and Carl Reynolds, academic clinical fellow and CEO, Open Healthcare UK.

The NHS Hack Day (NHSHD) series was the brainchild of Dr Carl Reynolds, an academic clinical fellow in respiratory medicine and founder and CEO of Open Healthcare UK. NHS Hack Day, London Edition 2014, will take place in May with the final date to be confirmed very soon. This will be the seventh event in a very successful series of hack events with a healthcare theme. 

On how he had the idea, Carl says "I was whinging about broken NHS IT, and Tom [Taylor] told me about the recent hack day he had participated in at the Cabinet Office and said why not have an NHS Hack Day? It seemed like a good idea, so when we got home we decided to make it happen...".

Carl began by writing a one-page brief Can NHS digital services learn from the Cabinet Office?, and recruited friends including Ross Jones, Sam Smith, Nicholas Tollervey, Francis Irving, Wai Keong Wong and a handful of others to help organise the first NHS Hack Day, which took place in London in 2012. Since then, there have been events in Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge and Cardiff as well, with the upcoming event marking the third visit to London.

From the outset the goals have been:

  1. Have fun. This is an opportunity for bright doctors, developers, and designers to meet and learn from people in other…
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