David Worth

By David Worth, Principal Investigator at the Software Engineering Support Centre.

So the lure of a better salary proved too much for your developer, or perhaps they needed to start work on something new. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that whoever picks up the development reins has all the necessary information. Here are some tips that will smooth that transition.

Start early

It takes longer than you think to transfer the knowledge necessary to make certain that a new developer can continue development. It takes even longer to work out exactly what information…

A new centre was launched recently by the group who run CCPForge (a collaborative software development environment tool for the Collaborative Computational Projects). The Software Engineering Support Centre (SESC) - an EPSRC funded project -  aims to work with researchers and help bring software engineering to the heart of research software. Here at the Institute, we're great advocates of software engineering being taken seriously in research: it is a fundamental part of building sustainable software. For this reason, we asked David Worth…

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