Giacomo Peru

By Giacomo Peru

***This is now sorted as a couple of assistant instructors have been found***

The Software Sustainability Institute, on behalf of Reproducible Research Oxford, is looking for a second instructor for a Software Carpentry workshop in Oxford on 12th & 13th October 2017.

Please get in touch with if you'd like to help.

By Giacomo Peru, Project Officer.

As a member of the Software Sustainability Institute and classicist, I could not write my first blog post on anything but the relationship between Classics and IT. [1]

For those who are not familiar with the subject, Classics is the study of the Greek and Roman world in the period that spans between, roughly, the start of the 1st millennium BC until around the 6th century AD. At the core of this field is the study of ancient Greek and Latin, the main languages of that world, of Classical Archaeology, which collects and study its material…

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