Ian Gent

By Vince Knight, Cardiff University, Olivia Wilson, University of Southampton, Shoaib Sufi, Software Sustainability Institute, Steve Crouch, Software Sustainability Institute, and Ian Gent, University of St Andrews.

A speed blog from the Collaborations Workshop 2016 (CW16).

"Congratulations Dr Smith"

The words every PhD student dreams of hearing, at least if your name is Smith. First from your examiners, and then soon afterwards from your supervisor. And then those words every PhD student dreads of hearing from your supervisor…

By Ian Gent, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews.

At the start of this year there was a wonderful stream of tweets with the hashtag #overlyhonestmethods. Many scientists posted the kind of methods descriptions which are true, but would never appear in a paper. My favourite is this one from Ian Holmes.

Although every scientific primer says that replication of scientific experiments is key, to quote this tweet, you'll need luck if you wish to replicate experiments in computational science. There has been significant…

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