Iza Romanowska

By Iza Romanowska, Barcelona Supercomputing Center. If someone told me five years ago that I would be a Fellow of any organisation with the word ‘software’ in it, I’d just laugh. Yet, it turns out being a diehard humanities person does not save you from the academic inevitability of engaging with research software.

Open Science, that is, the trio of open access, open data, and open methods, is not a new concept in the scientific world. Despite the fact that Budapest Open Access Initiative is more than 15 years old and the level of openness among researchers rises continually, there is still a long way before open science becomes so ubiquitous we simply call it “science”.

By Iza Romanowska, University of Southampton, and Software Sustainability Institute fellow.

By Iza Romanowska, Institute Fellow and PhD Student at University of Southampton.

Learning a new computational technique, be it simulation, specific type of data analysis or even lab-based methods, can be a daunting task. You could start by reading up on all the previous applications and methodological papers but it can leave you frustrated with the technical nitty-gritty which is virtually impenetrable without a good knowledge of the tools that were used. So perhaps, it is better to start from the other end and learn how to use the software first? Sounds like a reasonable plan…

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