Reka Solymosi

By Reka Solymosi, University of Manchester. In October 2018 I was part of a team who organised the first ever (UK) North West Universities R Day. Inspired by the series of events organised by the R user groups based at the University of Manchester (UoM) and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), we decided to host a one day conference to bring people together around the topic of using R.
By Reka Solymosi, Software Sustainability Institute Fellow. This October I attended Crime and fear in public places: Patterns, challenges and actions, an event exploring the topic of safety in public places, with a particular focus on technological developments that have evolved this area of policy and research. In this blog post, I summarise some of the interesting things I learned at the event, but also highlight how the development of the tools was not much of a focus of the conference.
By Reka Solymosi, University of Manchester. In April 2018, I was given the opportunity to explore the world of Civic Tech, through participating in TICTec2018, a conference for practitioners, commentators, academics, and funders of civic technologies.
By Reka Solymosi, University of Manchester. After our Brexit Data Challenge Hackathon our paper got shortlisted to be presented at the 2018 GISRUK conference. While I was unable to attend, two members of the hackathon team, Heather Robinson and Sam Langton went to represent our group. This is a guest blog of sorts by them on their experience on presenting our paper and the event in general.

By Reka Solymosi, University of Manchester.

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