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By Mateusz Kuzak, Maria Cruz, Carsten Thiel, Shoaib Sufi, and Nasir Eisty. We argue that research software should be treated as a first-class research output, in equal footing to research data. Research software and research data are both fundamental to contemporary research. However, the recognition of the importance of research software as a valuable research output in its own right is lagging behind that of research data.   

If you work in the humanities with digital technologies or are considering digital approaches to humanities research, please join us for the Digital Practices in the Humanities Workshop (DPHW) in Oxford, on Thursday 21st June 2018 from 10am-5pm, at the Oxford e-Research Centre.

The Software Sustainability Institute is very pleased to announce that “Raising the status of software in research: A survey-based evaluation of the Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship Programme” by Shoaib Sufi and Caroline Jay is

Shoaib Sufi, Software Sustainability Institute, Robin Dasler, CERN, Chris Edsall, University of Bristol.

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By Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead

By Selina Aragon, Communications Officer, and Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead

Twitter: #CollabW18

Twitter: #CollabW18

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The Collaborative Ideas session is used to get people talking about their work. You can discuss the work you're doing, work you would like to do, or problems you are facing. Other people in the group can then talk about how they could help get your new project off the ground, or help solve the problem you are facing.  This is an excellent way of generating projects Ideas for the Hackday.

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