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The Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability 2021 (WoSSS21) is running online from Wednesday 6th October to Friday 8th October. Register now.
Registration is open for WoSSS21, taking place online from 6-8 October.
The Software Sustainability Institute is looking to recruit a researcher who is trained in and experienced in social research methods and who is interested in expanding their professional repertoire to help support computational training. 
Work on the Event Organisation Guide (SSI-EOG) started around the end of Q2 in 2018. Eventually, it was released as one of our official guides in December 2020. How did it all begin, why did we produce it and what was the journey. In this blog we explore the how and why of the SSI-EOG.
In December the SSI released the first version of our Event Organisation Guide in which we collated different experiences in running events. In this post, we talk about our five top tips, based on the guide, to organise and run a successful small event or workshop.
Take part in our digital/software requirements survey of the AHRC research community which closes at the end of July. We've had over 90 responses to date - have your voice heard!
How can we better recognise the value of software (by thinking about impact from the start and resisting ‘secret’ software)? Should funders be the default option for software support (depends on the circumstances), and what other options exist (several)? Should all research software be maintained (probably not)?
The Software Sustainability Institute Event Organisation Guide (SSI-EOG) brings together years of experience of the SSI in organising events. In this guide, you will find different stages of the event organisation process from idea through feasibility, sign off, running your event project and closing down. The work covers in person workshop organisation, giving hints and tips on varied subjects such as venue, catering, budget, agenda, publicity and much more. 
The report is now available from the Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability 2019 (WOSSS19).
By Ben Krikler (editor), Shoaib Sufi, Radovan Bast and Jo Leng
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