Ask Steve! - How to Meet that Perfect Developer?

Posted by s.crouch on 14 February 2011 - 4:36pm

I received this, possibly nepotistic, question from Mahendra Mahey of the DevCSI project. He asks:

“Today is the day that people look to find their perfect match. But what about getting together with developers? Do you have any advice on the best way to meet that perfect developer you’ve always dreamt of?”

Finding the right place to meet developers can indeed prove difficult, and finding the right match for your needs is even more tricky.  Always the matchmaker, perhaps Steve ‘The Cupid’ Crouch can help all of you in this situation!

Coincidentally enough, there is an excellent JISC-funded developer conference on 16-17 February in London that provides a fascinating and unique forum to meet and chat with other developers: Dev8D.  Incorporating elements of an ‘unconference’, it provides many interesting ways to learn about what other developers are doing, to meet and collaborate, and who knows?  Maybe you can find The One. However, time has almost run out to register for Dev8D – you need to sign up by today to secure a place.  You can find the online booking form here.

I’ll be there too -if you’d like to talk at Dev8D,  just look for the lifesize poster of me (or look for me, obviously).

Another excellent opportunity to meet other developers, as well as researchers, project managers and funders, is the Collaborations Workshop (CW11) organised by the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI).  This unique event is happening on 3-4 March and is hosted by the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh.  If your aim is to find new developers to create new collaborations, then you can sign up.

Good luck, here’s hoping you all find that special developer!

Ok, the shameless plugs are over (at least for now), back to normal developer techy stuff later in the week.  Until next time(1)!

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