Ask Steve! - Use software in your project? After some travel money? Become an Agent!

Posted by s.crouch on 22 July 2011 - 4:13pm

One of the big problems with research, particularly in these austere times, is finding the money to travel to all those great conferences. You miss opportunities to present your work, and you can miss out on discovering first hand what is afoot in your research field.

The great news is that if you use software in your research and you have a good understanding of what’s happening in your field, funding is available from the Software Sustainability Institute. Regardless of discipline, the Institute will pay a number of researchers £3000 a year – in return for keeping the institute up to date on the latest developments in the researcher’s field. This helps you with disseminating your greatness and keeping up to date, while allowing the institute to build a network of Agents to understand which fields most need help.

There are some compelling benefits to consider:

  • Up to £3000 a year to attend the conferences and events that you want to attend
  • Your advocacy will ensure that your field benefits from the best support for software development
  • Add world-leading researchers to your professional network
  • Free attendance at training events for new tools and technologies
  • If you develop code, improve your knowledge of effective techniques for developing sustainable software
  • A great addition to your CV

Not bad eh? And you don’t have to be a professor or Principle Investigator to qualify – you just need to be in the know. The institute are looking for applicants from all disciplines, especially from those fields flagged as strategically important to UK research: the ageing population, environment and climate change, the digital economy, energy and food security.

The closing date for applications is 8th August 2011. If you’re interested, or would like to nominate someone else, why not find out more and apply at

Plus, saying ‘I’m an Agent for the SSI’ sounds cool.

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