Register for the Fellowship Programme 2018 Launch Webinar

Posted by s.aragon on 8 September 2017 - 8:50am

Fellowship Programme 2018By Raniere Silva, Community Officer, Software Sustainability Institute.

Register for the Fellowship Programme Launch Webinar on Friday 15 September from 2.00pm to 3.30pm BST. Raniere Silva, our Community Officer, will talk about the programme, the application process, and some of our Fellows will share their experiences. Whether you’re planning on submitting an application or you want further information about the programme, our webinar is the perfect platform to learn more and ask questions about the Fellowship.

This year, sorted by last name, Nikoleta Glynatsi, Gary Leeming, David Perez-Suarez, Iza A. Romanowska and Melody Sandells will join us on the webinar to talk about their experience as Institute fellows. Their background is in operational research, health informatics, astronomy, archaeological sciences and Earth system sciences, which will provide our attendees with a broad but not limited view of the research areas that can benefit from better software or coding practices. Applications from all research areas are welcome!

The webinar will be recorded and make available on our YouTube channel. This will allow you to watch, in the case you couldn't attend the webinar, or rewatch it.

This year, as part of the application, we ask for a six minute maximum "voice over slide presentation screencast". We believe that communication can be more effective by audio and video so we decided to make this change. For technical questions about the screencast, we have a page with some information. Contact us by email if you need further assistance.

Webinar Provisional Schedule

2:00pm - Welcome (Raniere Silva)

2:05pm - Introduction to the Institute (Raniere Silva)

2:10pm - Introduction to the Fellowship Programme (Raniere Silva)

2:20pm - Melody Sandells

2:30pm - Gary Leeming

2:40pm - Iza A. Romanowska

2:50pm - Nikoleta Glynatsi

3:00pm - David Perez-Suarez

3:10pm - Questions and Answers

3:25pm - Closing session

3:30pm - Webinar ends

Connection details

To take part on the webinar, connect to this YouTube event. During the event, you can use the live chat on the right of the video to ask questions.

More information

Register for the webinar or visit the Fellowship Programme page for more details.