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Research Software Group testimonials

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Research Software Group testimonials

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Research Software Group testimonials


The Software Sustainability Institute has successfully assisted researchers with their software in a number of Research Software Group projects. Here is what some of them have to say about collaborating with the Institute:

"We are in a position to fundamentally reorganise the heart of the software. By doing so, this will enable us to maintain the software into the future and facilitate the process of adding new functionality to the software ... SSI can assist in having software usable by others not just for a few months or a year, but rather for a much longer software lifetime"
- Eric Rexstad, Distance

"We were already following a lot of best practice and it was very good to get this confirmation. We're not computer scientists and don't come from a software development background - we're all scientific programmers - so it was good to get some confirmation that what we do is on the right track"
- Andreas Hegar, CGAT

"It's been very helpful. Helpful in that I gave them a problem that I didn't know how to start answering, and they stepped in without a problem. There's a big step between developing something to use yourself, and something you let loose for others to use. The Institute brought the sort of expertise that we just don't have in house"
- Michael Chappell, FABBER

"It adds development time, doing things right, but it's worth it. Our code is miles away from where it was. [The work has] really made a profound change to the way we do coding, even down to the way I write lines of code. We now understand the complexity involved in making things run smoothly – it's really been a very good learning experience"
- Prashant Valluri, TPLS

"It was really useful – pragmatic and actionable. The SSI team have a lot of experience and can offer perspective on what works and what doesn't"
- Mark Woodbridge, LabBook

"It was really helpful to sit down and go through everything, look at where things stand ... I was impressed with the really fine detail that they went into"
- Michael Doube, BoneJ

"This was a complex code that had been through many generations... What the Institute has done for us is create more sustainable and professional software that is accessible to other users. We’re very happy with how it went"
- Sally Price, CPOSS

"The Institute helped us to define just how we would work together… They taught me how to become a software manager rather than just a developer... I can't speak highly enough of them"
- Christopher Woods, AMRMMHD

"The Institute's team were invaluable and proposed a new workflow that involved adhering to coding standards, introducing a revision control system, and developing a code testing framework"
- Angela Kedgley, Imperial College Lower Limb Model

"working with the Software Sustainability Institute helped me to develop my own project management skills, in particular I was very pleased with the task specification process and have adopted a similar process for other aspects of the project"
- Chris Rogers, MICE Physics Software Manager

"The Software Sustainability Institute provided all that experience and turned what had been an extremely painful process into a highly productive and rewarding one"
- Professor Joana Wardlaw, Director, Brain Research Imaging Centre

"The evaluation was invaluable in identifying and addressing very important aspects within the project for sustainability of the software... outstanding"
- Gary Wills, Project Manager, VRIC

"The meetings and discussions I had with [the Institute] Mike Jackson and Simon Hettrick in 2010 and 2011 had an important impact on the design, usability and functionality of JournalTOCs. We implemented all the recommendations received and, in short, made it a sustainable service"
- Santiago Chumbe, JournalTOCs

"The work done by the Software Sustainability Institute really has transformed the [Arts-humanities.net] site. They were a great team to work with"
- Stuart Dunn, Arts-humanities.net

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