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GUIs for research software: Why are they relevant? (part one)

Latest version published on 17 June, 2021.

Diego Alonso Álvarez tries to help developers lose their fear - or reluctance - to invest time creating a GUI for their research software, and help them to take those first steps in the development of graphical user interfaces.

Reaching further with online data science workshops - tips from a year of virtual Coding Club

Latest version published on 14 June, 2021.

Gergana Daskalova reflects on the lessons learned from moving Coding Club sessions online.

The RSE landscape

Latest version published on 14 June, 2021.

Teri Forey, Society of Research Software Engineering trustee, discusses the outcomes of a Collaborations Workshop session on the different RSE roles.

Nudging towards a better default for open source project ownership

Latest version published on 9 June, 2021.

Malvika Sharan, Andrew Brown, Warrick Ball and Ben Krikler explore what project ownership means in an open source world. 

The complicated relationship between early career researchers and reproducible research

Latest version published on 7 June, 2021.

Dr Philip Grylls discusses the challenging interplay between reproducible research and early career researchers.

Top tips for teaching what's REALLY important

Latest version published on 3 June, 2021.

How should courses be designed and pitched to appeal to their target audience whilst effectively teaching the skills they may not be aware of or think that they need (but experience tells us benefit learners in the long-term)? Furthermore after a course, what should be the next steps to support the uptake of those skills?

Mental Health in Research Software Engineering

Latest version published on 2 June, 2021.

SSI Fellow Dave Horsfall talks about his work to improve the mental health landscape for Research Software Engineers.

A path to the light: stopping ‘secret’ software, managing maintenance and evidencing impact

Latest version published on 27 May, 2021.

How can we better recognise the value of software (by thinking about impact from the start and resisting ‘secret’ software)? Should funders be the default option for software support (depends on the circumstances), and what other options exist (several)? Should all research software be maintained (probably not)?

Highlights from Collaborations Workshop 2021

Latest version published on 26 May, 2021.

Collaborations Workshop 2021 (CW21) brought together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, policy makers, leaders and educators to explore FAIR Research Software, Diversity and Inclusion, and Software Sustainability. Here we will share some highlights from the three-day virtual event.

What are the formats, tools and techniques for harvesting metadata from software repositories?

Latest version published on 25 May, 2021.

Daniel Garijo, Stephan Druskat, Mark Turner and Alex Henderson discuss software metadata: 1) highlight issues with current practices, 2) provide pointers to tools that may help improve the situation and 3) summarise incentives for the research community to start adopting best practices for software metadata.