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Overview of the Fellows Inaugural Meeting 2023

Latest version published on 6 February, 2023.

The Software Sustainability Institute 2023 Fellows Inaugural Meeting was held on Wednesday 1 February and offered an opportunity for the Fellows to introduce themselves, network with each other and the staff, explore potential collaboration pathways, and ask questions. 

Two Years of Code For Thought

Latest version published on 30 January, 2023.

Peter Schmidt reflects on his experience hosting Code For Thought for the past two years.

Women in hpc’s supercomputing 2023 workshop recap

Latest version published on 24 January, 2023.

SSI Fellow Mozhgan Kabiri chimeh and Elsa Gonsiorowski recap their experience at the Women in High-Performance Computing (WHPC) workshop at the SC22 in Dallas, Texas.

How can research software impact global health? Learnings from the H3D Symposium

Latest version published on 20 January, 2023.

SSI Fellow attends the H3D Symposium in South Africa and tells us about the role research software plays in public health and fighting infectious diseases in Africa.

Testing CarpentriesOffline

Latest version published on 18 January, 2023.

SSI Fellow Jannetta Steyn tells us about the exciting work she and others have done to create and test CarpentriesOffline, a version of The Carpentries workshops that uses a Raspberry Pi (RPi) computer to take the lessons offline when there is limited or no access to the internet.

Hybrid working: how can we avoid the “worst of both worlds” for early-career researchers/academics?

Latest version published on 17 January, 2023.

The challenges to Hybrid working and how we can overcome them. Part of the CW22 speed blog post series.

“I’m not paid to make GUIs” and other barriers to positive user experiences

Latest version published on 12 January, 2023.

In the third of four blogs SSI Fellow, Meag Doherty, speaks about RSE's experience with UX design following a week of talks and meetups in London and Cambridge. She shares tales of negative experiences and what we can do about it.

The intersection of Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) and Human-Centred Design (HCD)

Latest version published on 11 January, 2023.

In the second of four blog posts related to the topic of human-centred design, Meag Doherty summarises her talk focussing on human-centred design at the last Alan Turing's AI for multiple long-term conditions: Research Support Facility (RSF) project seminar series.

Internet of Things for Novices in South Africa

Latest version published on 18 January, 2023.

SSI Fellow, Jannetta Steyn, reflects on teaching an Internet of Things workshop at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. This article was first posted on the Society of Research Software Engineering website.

Human-centred design at RSECon22

Latest version published on 6 January, 2023.

SSI Fellow, Meag Doherty, speaks about her motivation for attending RSECon22: to raise the profile of human-centred design — a way of working that centres user needs throughout a project— in research software development.