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What to attend at the Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding

Latest version published on 9 May, 2022.

We have a busy programme of workshops and other sessions to get involved in for different experience levels. Find out which activities you should take part in!

First steps to a guide for computational access to digital repositories

Latest version published on 4 May, 2022.

Within the digital preservation community, the term computational access is popping up more and more frequently. It is often linked to other terms such as artificial intelligence, data mining and deep neural networks. However, there is often little understanding of what these terms actually mean and how they relate to each other.

Highlights from Collaborations Workshop 2022

Latest version published on 28 April, 2022.

Rachael Ainsworth, SSI Community Manager, share some highlights from the four-day virtual event.

The SciCodes Consortium: coordinating research software registries and repositories

Latest version published on 21 April, 2022.

The SciCodes Consortium brings together editors and maintainers of academic discipline and institutional software registries and repositories.

An interview with the Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability organisers

Latest version published on 20 April, 2022.

The name of the workshop may sound a little odd, but it has a serious purpose. We interview the organizers of the 2021 Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability to learn more.

Software Engineering for Internet of Things: The Practitioners’ Perspective

Latest version published on 18 April, 2022.

Mahdi Fahmideh and Ali Behnaz discuss their research around the software engineering discipline's needs to address emerging challenges in the development of IoT based systems.

Cyber Security and the Internet of Things

Latest version published on 11 April, 2022.

Garry Scobie, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at the University of Edinburgh discusses keeping Internet of Things devices secure.

Treat your research code with a code review

Latest version published on 18 March, 2022.

There are many reasons to do regular code reviews. One of them is improving the readability of your code. Source code is often the only documentation available for research software, and readability is, therefore, key to anyone trying to reproduce or build upon your research. Would you ever publish a paper without any feedback on its draft?

How mindfulness and inclusivity help software sustainability

Latest version published on 2 March, 2022.

Why do you need to be mindful to write sustainable software? Why do you need an inclusive environment to be able to write sustainable software? Is it possible that sustainable software approaches could support mindfulness and inclusivity?

Is Agile still agile?

Latest version published on 25 February, 2022.

Peter Schmidt discusses how agile practices have changed.