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How do we assess candidates for RSE jobs?

Latest version published on 12 August, 2022.

The University of Sheffield's RSE team want to make their candidate selection process as open as possible.

Mentorship programme: From science to software

Latest version published on 15 August, 2022.

Sam Gubbins reflects on taking part in our Research Software Camp's mentorship programme.

Would I even fit in? Why and how I applied for an SSI Fellowship

Latest version published on 3 March, 2023.

Jesper Dramsch shares their experience of (successfully) applying for an SSI Fellowship.

SSI Fellows Newsletter: August 2022

Latest version published on 15 September, 2022.

Updates on activities and opportunities taking place within the SSI Fellows' community.

Code for Thought is going live

Latest version published on 15 September, 2022.

Peter Schmidt reflects on the progress of the Code for Thought podcast and its future development.

Measure thrice, cut once: A quick overview of application migration.

Latest version published on 15 September, 2022.

One issue in software sustainability is when a software application reaches its end-of-life but is deemed too important to retire. The question then arises, particularly with high profile sites, whether to attempt a migration or an upgrade of each site.

Lessons from my SSI Fellowship: first half(ish)

Latest version published on 15 September, 2022.

SSI Fellow James Byrne shares his SSI/RSE journey (so far!).

Running Software/Data and Library Carpentries workshops offline

Latest version published on 25 July, 2022.

What happens when you are trying to deliver a Carpentries workshop and you have no Internet access?

What does Open Research mean for the future of the REF? The next REF could better recognise the diversity of roles contributing to research

Latest version published on 21 July, 2022.

James Cleaver, Gemma Derrick and Simon Hettrick take a look at the potential implications for research assessment, were more open research practices adopted and a wider range of research outputs recognised.

How to be more GLAM-RS

Latest version published on 20 July, 2022.

Support needed for Research Software sustainability in the Galleries/Libraries/Archives/Museums (GLAM) sector.