Collaborations Workshop quotes

Here are some quotes from previous attendees at the Collaborations Workshop series:

"Interesting workshop, good sharing of ideas."

"Very interactive and interesting."

"Very interesting and informative. Also a really friendly group of people attended. Which made it really easy to make new contacts."

"Enjoyable and interesting. Good contacts with other developers"

"Educational, helpful, a little bit hectic."

"Enjoyable and productive in terms of networking opportunities and ability to learn"

"Very interesting and inspiring."

"Very useful for interdisciplinary contacts, in fact I met many people from my own institution for the first time."

"I picked up a few useful things."

"Very interesting, very relevant."

" ...collaborations session worked very well (despite my initial shock on hearing about it!). Use of the GoogleGroup for report backs far more efficient, readable and community-minded :-) Likewise, some pre-selection of breakouts led to more efficient workshop. Good mix of researchers, developers, others"

"Very enjoyable - I met lots of people and thought that it was organised very well. Congratulations to the SSI for coming up with an excellent and productive format."

"Met old friends, made some new potential collaborations contacts, there was a positive vibe, a bit overwhelmed with all the smart science (hence more time to do background on people would be good) - I think it worked well."

"Great fun, great venue, thought-provoking, nice people!"

"It was nice to talk to other research software developers."