CW13 Breakout topics

Break outs are discussions between a group of people who share an interest. They are a fundamental part of the Collaborations Workshop, which help people learn about new ideas and work on solving shared problems.

Here is a list of suggested breakout topics, actual topics to discuss will be chosen at the workshop.

  • That's' nothing to do with me - what heuristics do researchers, developers etc use to limit interdisciplinarity and are they real or imagined. Nominator: Shoaib Sufi
  • Computational techniques and scaling science; exploring the connection. Nominator: David De Roure
  • Using data/linked open data; it's published but how do we make tools and applications to use it. Nominator: Caitlin Bentley
  • How do we measure the impact of the work we do? Nominator: Neil Chue Hong
  • What are the pragmatic things which will help us achieve reproducibility and reusability of software, models and data? Nominator: Neil Chue Hong
  • How and why to release your research tools Reproducible Research and the issue of closed data. Nominator: Robin Wilson
  • Models for credit used to acknowledge the value of software in research. How does one get credit for this work? Nominator: Adam Crymble
  • The importance of openness and freedom in research-led software development. Nominator: Cefn Hoile
  • Maker digital culture as a route to STEM for school pupils. Nominator: Cefn Hoile
  • How to increase the bus factor beyond 1. Nominator: Michael Doube
  • What practical steps can be taken to foster and support collaborative research between industry, academia and the policy sector? Nominator: Steve Brewer
  • Status boards for labs. Nominator: Philip Fowler
  • What role do researchers feel central facilities can play in assisting software sustainability? Nominator: Stephen Pascoe
  • What is the best way to ensure all researchers can progress with their computing research? Nominator: Stephen McGough
  • How do the Research Councils fund software and what could they do in the future? Nominator: Daniel Emmerson
  • An impossible question: what's the best open-source software, and why? Nominators: Simon Hettrick and Alexander Hay
  • How can we make scientific software easier to find, re-use and sustain? Nominator: Torsten Reimer
  • Developing community grids / crowd-sourced HPC. Nominator: Philip Fowler


  • Advanced use of social media for researchers. Nominator: Philip Fowler