CW13 Collaborative ideas


The collaborative ideas session will get people talking about the work that they can do together. It takes place on the first morning of the workshop - see the agenda for times.

Get talking

All delegates will be divided into groups of 4. There the Collaborative Ideas session will consist of 2 parts. You will swap the groups for the second part. So make sure you know which groups you are in!

Each group will be assigned an area for the discussion. We will provide the details during the introduction to the collaborative ideas.

Everyone in the group should introduce themselves and say a little about the work they do. Once you've got the introductions out of the way, start the group discussion and come up with an idea for a collaboration that you could all take part in.

You're looking for the best idea you can. It's quite possible that some collaborations might end up a little outrageous, or even a little tenuous, but the point is to find some common ground on which you could work together. Once you've come up with an idea, take a card from the table and write the names of everyone in your group and one or a brief description of the collaboration.

Ideas mean prizes

At the end of the session, you should have the cards describing your collaborative idea. Pin it to the collaborative ideas board, which can be found outside the auditorium. During the workshop, everyone will vote on the best ideas and there will be a prize for the best idea overall. Everyone will have 3 votes which can be distributed between the ideas (or you can choose to give all your 3 votes to one idea).

Please note that the prize giveaway will take place on Friday during the wrap up session. Only those physically present in the venue will be able to claim their prizes!