CW20 - Sponsorship

The Collaborators Workshop 2020 is only possible through generous contributions from our sponsors. We appreciate all contributions! Below are suggested packages or you may contact us and we will work on tailoring a package for your needs.

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Free tickets (*)

✔ (1)

✔ (2)

✔ (2)

Thanks (on blog post report)

Logo on Sponsors Page

✔ (small)

✔ (medium)

✔ (large)

Description on Sponsors Page

✔ (maximum of 50 words)

✔ (maximum of 100 words)

Tweet announcement

✔ (1)

✔ (1)

Tweet during event

✔ (1 per day)

✔ (1 per day)

Swag bag item

✔ (maximum of 1 item)

✔ (maximum of 2 items)

Sponsor announcement on website

✔ (1 news item, maximum of 200 words)

✔ (1 blog post, maximum of 800 words)

Mini-workshop slot (30 minutes)

Talk slot (20 minutes)


£1000 (*)(**)

£2000 (*)(***)

£3000 (*)(****)

(*) In kind donation option available

(**) At least £500 in cash

(***) At least £1000 in cash



In addition to the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, we are looking for ways to offer a full scholarship (ticket, travel and accommodation) to students or early career academics. If you are interested in providing a full scholarship, please get in contact. We will pair sponsors with a selected participant for each scholarship, if requested. We recommend selected participants write a short blog post (approximately 500 words) to sponsoring organisations. Organisations providing scholarship will have their logo on Sponsors Page and receive thanks in our blog post report.

Sponsorship Items Details

Free tickets

Full workshop tickets cost £250 each.

Thanks (on website)

Thanks will be listed on a special page like this one on the Software Sustainability Institute website. Links to sponsor's website will be included.


Thanks (on blog post report)

The Institute will publish a blog post at covering the workshop and will thank the sponsors in it. For example, see  Collaborations Workshop 2018.

Tweet announcement

The Institute will announce the sponsor using the @SoftwareSaved account.

Tweet during event

The Institute will mention the sponsor using the @SoftwareSaved account.

Swag bag item

Sponsors who want to add items to the swag bag must contact the Institute to avoid duplicate items and send the items to the Institute up to two weeks before the workshop. It is the sole responsibility of the sponsor to produce the gifts.

We are looking for the following items for our swag bag.

  • Folding Bag
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Reusable Water Bottles
  • Lanyards
  • T-shirts

Sponsor announcement on website

The Institute will publish the announcement at

Talk Slot or Mini-workshop slot

The slots will be decide on mutual agreement.


Please complete the sponsorship form.

For all enquiries about sponsorship, please email Graeme or Agata at 

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