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2011.11.15_building_software.pngBy Adam Tomkins (Chair), University of Sheffield, James Grant, University of Bath, Alexander Morley, University of Oxford, Stuart Grieve, University College London, Tania Allard, University of Sheffield.

There is a growing interest in the adoption of software best practices in research computing and allied fields. Best practices improve the quality of research software and efficiency in development and maintenance as well having the potential to deliver benefits outside software development.  However, this interest in these methods is not universal and there is a possibility that a drive for best practice could lead to a widening divide between those who embrace this change and those who do not. It is therefore vital that Research Software Engineers (RSEs) work closely with domain specialists, to bridge this divide and attempt to meet the challenges of efficiency and reproducibility:

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Adam TomkinsUniversity of Sheffield


As a computational neuroscientist, I look into build models of the brain using large-scale neural networks. I am currently looking at the Drosophila Melanogaster as part of the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory project, building new software to help researchers and students explore the full complexity of this tiny brain

My work

I am a computational neuroscientist and neuroinformatic tool developer based in Sheffield, UK. I completed my PhD in Computer Science under Dr. Eleni Vasilaki and Prof. Kevin Gurney, and am currently a neuroinformatic researcher on the Digital Fruit Fly Brain Project, under Prof. Daniel Coca and Dr. Paul Richmond

My research interests are complex networks, biological neural networks, and neurodegenerative disease, and developing the tools to open computational neuroscience up to a wider audience.

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