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3857596_b61f5c8d78_z.jpgBy Sammie Buzzard, University College London; Martin Donnelly, University of Edinburgh.

Introduction or why does this matter?

Whether our involvement in software is in developing it from scratch, building upon existing code, reusing or repurposing someone else’s work, or preserving it (for ten years or until the end of the world, whichever comes first), good software practices benefit us all. This could range from basic version control for an undergraduate’s first coding project to passing well-documented software from one research project to its successor, but the best way to motivate people to improve their practices will be highly dependent on the individual and their circumstances and drivers.

Additionally, appealing to the individual is effective but it doesn’t scale—there are simply too many people involved in research software for a small community of advocates to reach on an individual basis. There are also more wide-ranging actions that could be taken, for example by journals and funding bodies, that could catalyse change within the research software community as a whole. Like any bridge, it is  a good idea to start building from both ends...

So what can we do at an individual level?

In common with most other…

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University College London


Glaciology, ice shelves, snow, sea ice, mathematical modelling, satellite observations

My work

My background is in Mathematics, I gained a first class Master's degree from the University of Exeter before moving to the University of Reading's Department of Meteorology for my PhD. This involved creating a mathematical model of surface melt lakes on Antarctic ice shelves which are important as they are thought to be linked to sudden ice shelf collapse. I am currently working in my first research post at UCL's Earth Sciences Department, focussing on snow on Arctic sea ice from satellite observations.

As former president and current committee member of the UK Polar Network, a group of early career polar scientists, I hope to use the fellowship to improve software use in the cryosphere community, especially among early career scientists.

Online Presence

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