Collaborations Workshop 2018

uCONFLY is a unconference resource management system and we will use it at Collaborations Workshop 2018.

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  1. Visit screenshot
  2. Sign in with your Google account. This is the preferable method because we will need to give you permission to some Google Docs that we will create.Screenshot of uCONFLY
  3. Scroll to the end of the page.Screenshot of uCONFLY
  4. Click on the "Sign up" button for Collaborations Workshop 2018 event.
  5. Wait for one of our staff to approve your request.

The rooms that will host the mini-workshops and demos sessions don't have any screen capture system. We encourage mini-workshops and demos sessions speakers to capture their screen and record their audio, such that we can publish the video on our YouTube channel and associate it with CW18.

Audio Record

We will provide USB Jabra microphones for those that would like to capture their activity.

Video Capture

We are looking for a screencast. You can use any screencast tool available for your operating system. Wikipedia has a decent list. In case you want a suggestion from us, we recommend Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio because it works on Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux and is free and open source.

Open Broadcaster Software Studio

  1. Instructions to download and install are available at

  2. The first time that you launch OBS Studio you need to agree with the GNU General Public License Version 2 and will opt-in to run the auto-configuration wizard. Before record your video, you can configure where the video will be store.

OBS Studio

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12176435415_61c14775c5_z.jpgBy Raniere Silva, Community Officer, Software Sustainability Institute.

With two weeks until the Collaborations Workshop 2018 (CW18) kicks off, we can't hold our excitement and need to tell you what’s waiting for you from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th March 2018 at The School of Mathematics, Cardiff University.

At Collaborations Workshop 2018, you’ll find an amazing group composed of researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, leaders and educators. All of them play an important role in shaping the culture of our society and without them we would probably live in a very different world. Throughout the event, we will facilitate discussions about culture change, productivity, and sustainability within the this group.


As announced earlier on our website, we have Kirstie Whitaker and John Hammersley as keynotes on Monday 26 March. They will talk about the themes of this Collaborations Workshop: culture change and productivity. On the next day, we will have short talks from Adrian-Tudor Panescu, Daniel S. Katz, Naomi Penfold and Matthew Upson about software sustainability from different…

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City Center Tour

When: Monday, 26/03 from 18:00 until 18:45.

Start point: outside the Cardiff University, School of Mathematics.

The tour will include a walk in the heart of City Center. The group will get to walk by the civic center, the Cardiff Castle, the Principality Stadium and the famous shopping arcades of Cardiff city.

Register for the City Center Tour

Workshop Dinner

When: Monday, 26/03 from 19:30.

Where: Jurys Inn Cardiff.

The dinner is included in the full ticket of Collaborations Workshop 2018.

Morning Tour of Bute Park

When: Tuesday, 27/03 from 08:00 until 09:15.

Start point: outside the Cardiff University, School of Mathematics.

The walk will start from the Cardiff University, School of Mathematics and the group will make its way to Bute Park passing by the Cardiff City Hall. Bute park is the "green heart of Cardiff city", full of historic and wildlife interest. It is one of the largest urban parks in Wales at 56 hectares (equivalent to 75 football pitches). The group will also have the chance to walk alongside the River Taff.

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Use this form to submit your CW18 Lightning talk.

A Lightning talk is limited to one PDF slide and 2 minutes. No HTML slides, no GIF, no videos or other formats will be displayed. We recommend using an aspect ratio of 4:3 for your slide because will look better on the video recording.

4:3 Slide Template

Submission Guideline

  1. Open of Dropbox homepage
  2. Click on the "Choose files" to select your PDF slide.Screenshot of Dropbox form
  3. Fill the fields "First name", "Surname" and "Email address".
  4. Click on "Upload".

Submit your CW18 Lightning talk

The Software Sustainability Institute are pleased to announce figshare as Platinum Sponsor of the Collaborations Workshop 2018 (CW18).

figshare is a repository to share and get credit for all of your research outputs including papers, data, media and code. They were a launch partner with Mozilla and Github in the ‘code as a research object’ project which promotes researchers getting credit for their code. figshare has an integration with Github that allows you to snapshot, archive, get a citable DOI for your code and track the online attention through Altmetric. Recent analysis of the figshare corpus shows that code is 8 of the top 10 cited items. figshare also supports preview of IPython Notebook/Jupyter Notebooks in browser!

Attendees of CW18 will have the opportunity to interact with figshare experts and learn new ways to be more productive when getting credit for their work. Register today for the Collaborations Workshop 2018, which will take place from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th March 2018 at The School of Mathematics, Cardiff University.

CardiffBy Raniere Silva, Community Officer, Software Sustainability Institute.

The Collaborations Workshop (CW) is the Institute’s premier event series. It brings together key members of the research software community including researchers, developers, managers, legal staff, administrators, publishers, funders and more who work together to explore best practices and the future of research software. The Collaborations Workshop 2018 (CW18—#CollabW18) will take place in the City of Cardiff at The School of Mathematics, Cardiff University on 26th–28th March 2018.

CW18 will focus on culture change, productivity and sustainability. Advocates of better research software or open science often cite productivity and sustainability as some of the reasons for changing research practices. But sometimes changes to practice clash with changes to the culture. For example, it is hard for an open science advocate to persuade someone to do a preregistration when they know none of their peers do. To find out more ways to be more productive and make your research or software sustainable, the Collaborations Workshop is your must-attend event for 2018.


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The Software Sustainability Institute are very pleased to announce Overleaf as Platinum Sponsor of the Collaborations Workshop 2018 (CW18). They are very kindly offering 1 year Overleaf Pro+Teach accounts to every attendee! Register today! Collaboration Workshop 18 will take place from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th March 2018 at The School of Mathematics, Cardiff University.

Founded in 2012 and with over 750,000 registered users, Overleaf is an academic authorship tool that allows seamless collaboration and effortless manuscript submission, all underpinned by cloud-technology. By providing an intuitive online collaborative writing and publishing platform, Overleaf is making the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier. Researchers and academics can now write, collaborate, and publish with a single click, directly from the Overleaf web-app. Publishers and Institutions are partnering with Overleaf to provide customized writing templates, simple reference tool linking, and one-click publishing submission links. Supported by Digital Science, Overleaf aims to make science and research faster, more open and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific writing process into one place in the cloud - from idea, to writing, to review, to publication.

Attendees of CW18 will also have the opportunity to interact…

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CW18The Software Sustainability Institute is delighted to invite researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, leaders, and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software. Collaboration Workshop 2018 (CW18 #CollabW18) will take place from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th March 2018 at The School of Mathematics, Cardiff University.

The themes of the workshop will be Culture Change, Productivity and Sustainability

Register now at our Eventbrite page.

To find out more, keep an eye out for updates at the Collaborations Workshop 2018 page.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their kind and generous support.

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