Important news for SourceForge users: hosted apps support ends on 1st September

SourceForge are ending their support for hosted apps, which include TRAC and Wordpress, on 1 September 2012. After that date, SourceForge projects will have to run hosted apps in their own project spaces on SourceForge, rather than SourceForge running them centrally. For more information check out SourceForg's blog article on Hosted apps retirement.

Wordpress as a hosted app has already been taken offline, though blog posts can still be retrieved. For information on how to migrate your blog content to your SourceForge project area, see the SourceForge guide on Migrating Wordpress from Hosted Apps to Project Web. A guide for TRAC is expected in due course, keep an eye on the SourceForge blog and Twitter.


Posted by m.jackson on 19 June 2012 - 9:02pm