The outcomes from the Collaborations Workshop 2013

Posted by a.pawlik on 22 April 2013 - 4:51pm

outcomes_0_0.jpgThe Collaborations Workshop 2013 provided a range of new ideas and inspirations which all available on our website.

The outcomes of theĀ breakout sessions were logged in a publicly accessible (for read-only) Google Group. The five most important lessons learnt from each of the breakout sessions were collected and published. On the top of that, the delegates suggested 17 recommendations for improvements and 17 pledges were made. The slides from the introductory talks together with the screencasts are available via the main CW13 website. The screencasts from the Lightning Talks can be be viewed online. The best of 19 Collaborative Ideas which the participant came up turned out to be "Low-risk high-impact micro-collaboration". The full list of the Collaborative Ideas together with the notes taken by the teams who worked on them are also available.

The outcomes from the Collaborations Workshop 2013 inform the Institute's further work. We hope that these outcomes will be of use for the scientific software community. The Institute will follow up on the ideas identified as important by the delegates. We encourage everyone who would like to comment or make further suggestions to get in touch! We look forward to seeing you at the Collaborations Workshop 2014!