A workshop on current and future directions of Citizen Science

Posted by n.chuehong on 2 September 2013 - 4:22pm

Citizen science has proven with a number of successful projects that we are able to harness the power of communities outside of traditional academia to support research. There are currently three separate types in volunteer computing, image recognition and understanding and volunteer data collection. How best can we create the citizen Science projects of the future? How can we utilise more effectively those we already have? 

e-Research South have organised a workshop on citizen science at the Royal Society, London, on 13th September 2013. It features speakers from projects such as Galaxy Zoo and ClimatePrediction.net. The aims of the workshop are to identify how we can best create the Citizen Science projects of the future, and how we can utilise more effectively those we already have?

Breakout sessions will see attendees discussing five topics: 

  1. What makes a successful Cit.Sci project? Barriers to using citizens?
  2. Success factors, why did these projects work?
  3. Technologies available and how to use the data
  4. Academic Culture, breaking down the resistance to the amateur
  5. How to enthuse the public and engage?

Registration: http://asp.artegis.com/citizen_science

For further details, contact David Wallom, OeRC.