Depsy - helping credit software that powers research

Posted by s.sufi on 10 November 2015 - 11:16am

Depsy helps build the software-intensive science of the future by promoting credit for software as a fundamental building block of science.

From the Depsy site:

Depsy text-mines papers to find fulltext mentions of software they use, revealing impacts invisible to citation indexes like Google Scholar.

Citation is just part of the story—Depsy analyzes code from over half a million GitHub repositories to find how packages are reused by other software projects.

Depsy assigns fractional credit to contributors based on designated authorship, number of commits, and repo ownership—supporting a fairer, more software-native reward system.

To find our more about Depsy read the introduction at the Impactstory blog

Try Depsy today by visiting and follow the service on twitter @depsy_org

Congratulations from the Software Sustainability Institute to Heather Piwowar, Jason Priem and others for bringing this impressive software credit related project to fruition, we hope it goes from strength to strength.