Take a look at our prototypes visualisations of Institute data

Posted by m.jackson on 22 January 2016 - 3:12pm

EPCC's Andy Turner developed some JavaScript to visualise the usage of applications running on ARCHER, the UK national super-computing service. The visualisation of data in this way reminded me of how the Institute had visualised research data for a poster. I decided to spend a bit of time making Andy's scripts more general, so they could also be used to present Institute data including how much effort we've spent on consultancy, and who with, and how many researchers we've trained via Software Carpentry workshops.

At present, these scripts are prototypes and render sample data from static CSV files. We'd hope, in time, to have these CSV files dynamically updated weekly or monthly from the Google spreadsheets where we record our data. 

Please contact us if you have any suggestions on what data on our activities you think we should visualise and how best we could visualise it. Alternatively add your suggestions as issues on its GitHub repository.

(Please note that we're trying out these visualisations based on a static data set, so they're not up to date).

Updated: (07/03/16) the visualisations are now available HERE!

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