Hartree Centre Summer Schools 2016 will address big data skills shortage

Posted by s.hettrick on 8 April 2016 - 11:30am

With more than 48,000 job listings for data scientists on LinkedIn right now, but with fewer than 20,000 people registered with that title, the growing skills shortage in big data analytics has never been more evident.

In an increasingly digital world, computing and data interpretation have become fundamental to our way of life, from the way we interact with the world and develop new ideas, to the way we conduct research and do business across all sectors.

To enhance early career researchers’ job prospects and upskill high-tech workforces, the Hartree Centre Summer Schools 2016 are focusing on some of the most sought-after skills demanded by today’s employers - high performance computing (HPC), big data, engineering simulation and visualisation.

Alison Kennedy, Director, at the Hartree Centre said: “Technologies and tools in areas such as big data are transforming the way that successful businesses compete on a global scale, but there is this huge unmet demand for the data scientists they need to be able to make sense of all the valuable information that is available to them today. So whether you work in high performance computing or software engineering, or you are a chemist, statistician, biologist or even an astrophysicist, there has never been a better time to sharpen your skills in these highly employable and much-demanded areas. Knowledge in any or all of the subjects we are focusing on at the Hartree Summer Schools 2016 could be of massive benefit to any current or future career.”

Located at Sci-Tech Daresbury in Cheshire, the Hartree Centre is offering four separate week-long programmes in these four influential and in-demand subjects, and delegates can book onto as many or as few of the following weeks as they feel are relevant as a rate of £150 per week.

For more information, visit the website or register for the event.