The Institute is involved in a wide range of events, organising, running and promoting them across the country and the world. This page provides links to current and past events we have a significant input in. 

Collaborations Workshop (CW)

The Software Sustainability Institute's annual Collaborations Workshop brings together researchers, software developers, managers, funders and more to explore important ideas in software and research and to plant the seeds of interdisciplinary collaborations.

Docker Containers for Reproducible Research Workshop (C4RR)

The Software Sustainability Institute’s Docker Containers for Reproducible Research Workshop brought together researchers, developers and educators to explore best practices when using containers, not only Docker, and the future of research software with containers.

Developing Software Licensing Guidance for the BBSRC Workshop

The Institute in conjunction with ELIXIR-UK and the BBSRC organised a workshop entitled “Developing Software Licensing Guidance for the BBSRC” in Manchester on 24 April 2017. The aim of this workshop was to develop community advice to BBSRC on the areas within the life sciences where software is being used, and appropriate written guidance for applicants and reviewers on how to make software reusable. 

Measuring the Impact of Workshops (MIW)

At MIW people came together to talk about experiences, practices they have used, insights, new tools and useful resource in the space of measuring impact. We hope to harness this information and the energy and commitment of those attending to produce a report which is of practical use to the community and something they can turn to for advice when planning their workshops.

Research Data Visualisation Workshop (RDVW)

This event explores Data Visualisation and helps the workshop attendees not only to create visualisations but also to influence them regarding better practices in reproducibility and the improvement of tooling in this area.

Software Credit Workshop (SCW)

The workshop explored what contribution software can and should make for academic reputational credit; i.e. how the production of software tools and applications contributes to career advancement in the academic research setting for both researchers who build software as part of their research and developers who build tools and support research.

Intellectual Property, Copyright, Licensing and Commercialisation (IPCLC) Workshop

Clarity was needed to inform researchers and developers working with research software about who owns the intellectual property related to the work and what routes are open to them to exploitation. Ripe reasons for the IPCLC workshop held on the 11 December 2014.

Research Software Engineers AGM

Research software engineers are the people behind research software, but despite this, the role is not well understood in the research community, and this is something the Software Sustainability Institute is campaigning to change - starting with a workshop for research software engineers in 2013 and followed by an AGM in 2014.

E-Infrastructure Trainers Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to create a community of trainers who will work together to improve the quality and provision of e-Infrastructure training, bringing together a huge variety of trainers so that they can network, share ideas and work on a strategy for improving training.

E-Infrastructure trainers workshopp 2013 - 14 August 2013, Hartree Centre.

Software Carpentry events

A Software Carpentry boot camp is an in-person, example-driven workshop, typically two or three days long and covering the core skills needed to be productive in a small research team, like basic programming, version control, testing, using the shell, and relational databases.