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Blog post about the workshop and the topic of Software and Credit

The workshop (19 October 2015 at the National History Museum, London)  explored what contribution software can and should make for academic reputational credit; i.e. how the production of software tools and applications contributes to career advancement in the academic research setting for both researchers who build software as part of their research and developers who build tools and support research.

The aim of the workshop focused on capturing the current credit needs of those who produce software as part or in support of research. In addition we attempted to capture best practice currently being used to achieve credit for software and its impact on research.

The workshop and attendees will made progress on key topics that will explore how publishers, developers, libraries, funders and researchers can help give appropriate credit and recognition to those who produce software.

The workshop was aimed at researchers who produce software as part of their research, developers who work with researchers, those who are involved, in applied research in the area of credit and citation for research software, members of the altmetrics community, research funders, publishers, libraries, platform providers and those involved in assessing the impacts of software for University departments and those involved in promotion panels.


The workshop took place on Monday 19 October 2015 at the Natural History Museum, London.

Over 50 people attended. 

Who attended

Find out who attended.


See the annotated agenda to see the structure of the workshop and links to slides, topics, reporting back and audio.

List of resources

Please see the compiled list of manifestos, working groups, reports, papers, tools, platforms and items of relevance to scholarly publications.

Suggested work topics

Here is the list of the suggested work topics that were identified (15 in total, 4 were dealt with by the attendees); please see the topic index which has a link to the discussed topics.

Steering and organising 

A big thank you to our steering group and organising group who have be guiding the development of the workshop and aided its organisation.


A huge thank you to our hosts the Natural History Museum for allowing us to use their facilities.

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