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By Mike Jackson, Software Architect.

As part of a recent open call collaboration with the Distance project at the University of St. Andrews, I was asked about open source tools to automatically test GUI-based applications on Windows.

By coincidence, an EPCC colleague had recently asked me the same question. So, I hit Google and Wikipedia, tracked down some candidates and decided to try the free open source AutoHotKey toolkit. In this blog post, I describe my experiences with this "scriptable desktop automation" tool.

Freeware and open source GUI test tools…

By Mike Jackson, Software Architect

The Institute are firm believers in software citation. Citing software, directly or via its associated publications, provides deserved credit for those who develop this vital research infrastructure. In this blog post I look at some ways in which research software developers are helping to promote the citation of software, by making it easier for researchers to do this. That's another thing we are firm believers in, automating the grunt work of using and developing software to free up time for research...​

As part of recent open call…

By John Van Reenen, Professor of Economics and Guy Michaels, Associate Professor of Economics, Centre for Economic Performance London School of Economics.

Over the last 30 years, inequality has risen as new technologies have massively increased the demand for highly skilled workers. Yet as our research shows, it is not simply a case of the more educated benefiting at the expense of the less educated. Rather, it is the middle-skilled who are losing out most.

In the UK today, the richest tenth of male earners receive almost four times as much as the poorest tenth, whereas…

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