By Becky Arnold, University of Sheffield. On the 7th of November, Raniere Silva of the Software Sustainability Institute gave a one day workshop on bash scripting at the University of Sheffield. The Unix shell has tremendous power. This workshop was geared towards researchers that had some experience of working on Unix-like systems, but wanted to build on that to better exploit its full potential. Will Furnass of the University of Sheffield Research Software Engineering group also helped out at this event.

By Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director.

Apart from a brief liaison during my undergraduate years, I am cursed with a complete lack of training in programming. When I face problems that are easily solved with some basic coding, I experience the beginner’s dilemma (not unlike the problem with automation): do I choose the frustration entailed in working out how to write a short program to do the work automatically, or the monotony of performing the same simple task a thousand times by hand?

Once you’ve taken a first step into coding, and you see how quickly and…

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