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By Becky Arnold, Software Sustainability Institute fellow. As time progresses data is getting big. This presents many scientific opportunities as well as many technical difficulties. On the 12th of September Rob Baxter of EPCC came to University of Sheffield and gave the talk “Demystifying big data, machine learning and all that” about tactics to handle this shift and advice on how to avoid pitfalls.

By Heather Ford, University of Leeds.

By Raniere Silva, Community Officer, Software Sustainability Institute.

By Anna Leida, eScience Lab, University of Manchester

With more than 48,000 job listings for data scientists on LinkedIn right now, but with fewer than 20,000 people registered with that title, the growing skills shortage in big data analytics has never been more evident.

In an increasingly digital world, computing and data interpretation have become fundamental to our way of life, from the way we interact with the world and develop new ideas, to the way we conduct research and do business across all sectors.

To enhance early career researchers’ job prospects and upskill high-tech workforces, the Hartree Centre Summer Schools…

Lloyd's is the world's specialist insurance market where cover is provided for a wide range of risks. They help individuals and companies manage risks ranging from property damage to third-party liability. To help them better understand these risks, they keep track of academic research in a variety of fields.

THREE WEEKS – THREE SUBJECTS: 14 July – 1 August 2014.

The 2014 Hartree Centre Summer School will be bigger and better than before!

This year’s event will consist of three weeks of study – each week will focus on a different subject…

WEEK 1: Visualisation (14-18 July), leaders: Hank Childs (Oregon) and Hamish Carr (Leeds) WEEK 2: HPC (21-25 July), leaders: Jack Dongarra (Tennessee) and Kirk E. Jordan (IBM) WEEK 3: Big Data (28 July – 1 August), leaders: Chris Williams (IBM) and Alok Choudhary (Northwestern)

Students can come to all three weeks, or pick the week…

By Jacob Vanderplas, University of Washington.

The following post is reproduced by kind permission from the Python Perambulations blog. 

Regardless of what you might think of the ubiquity of the Big Data meme, it's clear that the growing size of datasets is changing the way we approach the world around us. This is true in fields from industry to government to media to academia and virtually everywhere in between. Our increasing abilities to gather, process…

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