Collaborations Workshop 2017, IoT, Open Data, research softwareBy Edward Smith, Institute’s fellow, Imperial College London.

The Collaborations Workshop 2017 (CW17) was the first event I've attended by the Software Sustainability Institute. The topic this year—big data and internet of things (IoT)—didn't exactly inspire me with hope that it would be relevant to my (heavily numerical) work. I couldn't have been more wrong; it was great to gain an insight into the wider infrastructure of software development and, by moving out of my comfort zone, get a new perspective on how similar problems are solved. The keynote talks by Usman and Thomas were very interesting and I have even played around with the IoT Adafruit Feather HUZZAH we were given. The "unconference" aspects meant lots of time to chat and it was great to meet people struggling with the same problems. The hackday was rewarding, again a first for me, working together on a shared GitHub repository. We managed to put together a web visualisation tools for migrant movements and a demo.

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Collaborations Workshop 2017, IoT, Open Data, research softwareBy Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead

If you are a PhD candidate, Jisc are offering a bursary for you to attend CW17— apply now!

Collaborations Workshop 2017 (CW17) is nearly upon us. It takes place from the 27-29th of March 2017 at the Leeds University Business school.

Day one will have you enthralled with knock out keynotes on The Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Data from real experts who have been there and done it. If you want to know more about this area and can only spare a day, you can choose to come along just for the day. Day one also includes a panel on IoT and Open Data with leading experts from industry, academia and publishing. We then have our signature speed blogging session, where you can write a blog collaboratively about a hot discussion topic. We wrap up day one with a mini-workshop session where you get to explore some of the topics raised in more depth. Evening of day one then moves onto a historical tour of the campus, a time to get cultured and connect with other attendees, and then a…

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We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their kind and generous support.

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Microsoft is CW17 primary sponsor. To hear more about what they are kindly bringing to the event see the announcement

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Advanced Research Computing - University of Leeds

ARC provide a comprehensive Advanced Research Computing support service for researchers in all faculties at the University of Leeds. They are kindly offering local support for CW17 and venue sponsorship.


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GitLab is the open core code collaboration platform that provides a complete workflow to code, test, and deploy simply and effectively.



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Leeds CityBy Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead.

The Collaborations Workshop 2017 (CW17—#CollabW17) will take place at the Leeds University Business School, from 27-29 March 2017. You can book your place here.

So what makes this event so unique and useful? Is it the breadth of people from research software? is it the IoT and Open Data theme? Is it the unconference inspired format? Is it the knowledge sharing? Is it the networking? Is it the mix of collaborations and competition? Is it the social programme? It’s all of these things and more!

To get a feel for how CW17 will unfold, take a look at the agenda (subject to some tweaks as we get nearer to the event). From lightning talks and discussions on the first day to more collaborative events and Q&A session on the second day through to the Hackday, all of our CW17 activities are designed to inform, inspire and empower those who attend.

Previous CW attendees have said:

“Lively event, mix of un-conference and workshop, open minded people, new ideas and tons of impulses to think further, networking opportunities not in a…

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Leeds CityBy Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead.

The Collaborations Workshop (CW) is the Institute’s premier event series. It brings together key members of the research software community: researchers, developers, managers, legal, admin, publishers, funders and leaders and more. Attendees present, discuss, build, make, network and explore key and current areas of the research software landscape. The Collaborations Workshop 2017 (CW17—#CollabW17) will take place in the green City of Leeds at the plush Leeds University Business School, on 27th–29th March 2017. Leeds University was awarded University of the Year 2017.

Register for CW17 at Eventbrite.

CW17 is focused on the hot topics of The Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Data, both harbour the promise of deep changes to the way we interact with devices and data in the coming years, both also have a clear impact on research and are software driven. To find out more about these key areas, where they overlap, what impact they will have on research and how you might incorporate them into what you’re doing,…

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The CW17 workshop report is available

Twitter: #CollabW17

The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshops series brought together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, leaders and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software. Collaboration Workshop 17 (CW17) took place from 27th to 29th March 2017 at the Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. ​

The theme of the workshop was be The Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Data: implications for research.

CW17 Workshsop Report

The CW17 workshop report is available

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