Collaborations workshop 2014

A summary of the Collaborations Workshop 2014.

In the first of our exclusive Collaborations Workshop 2014 videos, one of the Institute's co-investigators, Professor Carole Goble CBE FREng, discusses reproducibility and why it is important for research. Reproducibility is the principle and practice of being able to repeat an experiment from scratch, which not only ensures high standards for researchers but also prevents errors and fraud in the worst cases.

This year's Collaborations Workshop (CW14) brought together researchers, software developers, managers, funders and more to explore important ideas in software and research and to plant the seed of interdisciplinary collaborations.

Discussion sessions are a fundamental part of the Collaborations Workshop and help people work on solving shared problems and learn about new ideas.

It's generally quite easy to get people talking, but it's a lot more difficult to record what's been said and then share it with everyone.

A full range of videos filmed at this year's Collaborations Workshop are now live on YouTube.

Available on the official SoftwareSaved video channel, under the Collaborations Workshop 2014 playlist, the videos feature opening remarks, a keynote by Institute co-investigator Carole Goble, guest contributions by Github's Arfon Smith and Microsoft Research's Kenji Takeda, and all the lightning talks and collaborative ideas sessions featured at the event.

What is the best way to train producers of good software documentation, and why is this important?

What are the five most important things learnt during this discussion:

What are the current must-use standards for publishing and reproducible research?

What are the five most important things learnt during this discussion:

Use and utility of ELNs and other tools for reproducible science

Q: Are notebook/labbooks style tools, such as IPython Notebook or  Labtrove, useful tools to improve reproducibility?Q: How are tools such as Github, iPython Notebook and RStudio being used to practice reproducible science?

"This is where my time goes!"

Collaborative Idea team members Robyn Grant, Fabian Renn, Ian Gent, Mike Jackson

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