By Helana Santos, games programmer and developer for Modern Dream.

This article is part of our series Women in Software, in which we hear perspectives on a range of issues related to women who study and work with computers and software.

How does it feel to be a woman in the games industry, you ask? Great, I say! I love working in an industry filled with people passionate about what they do. It is always wonderful to meet game developers making innovative, creative and fun experiences, to meet people who give wings to those creations and make them…

By April Wright, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin.

This post is reproduced from the original by kind permission of the author. Following the original post, April received a number of messages of support, which can be viewed on Storify.

I went to SciPy this week. I'd never been to a programming conference before, and they featured a lot of education talks.

I wish I hadn't.

Last night, at the Software Carpentry mixer, a grand total of five men shook my husband's hand and ignored mine. My total of new people met is a dismal ten. Compare…

By Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director.

There are more unemployed graduates in computer science than in any other discipline (see my last post). In an attempt to understand the issue, David Willetts, the Minister of State for Universities and Skills, recently held a workshop that brought together leading representatives from industry and academia, and the Software Sustainability Institute. In this post, I’ll discuss my take on some of the ideas that were discussed.

If you want good quality graduates you need to start young, so the first focus is…

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