The RSE Conference (15-16 September 2016, Manchester) is the first conference to focus exclusively on the issues that affect people who write and use software in research. We're looking for submissions to our workshops and talks programmes that will investigate and communicate ideas and expertise from the RSE community.

It is not a standard academic conference! We welcome researchers, but we also want to hear from people who may not typically attend conferences. It’s a community conference: get involved and help us build the RSE Community.

From running a workshop, sharing…

eResearch New Zealand conference is a national forum for presenting new ideas, projects and best practices for digital research. The event is held annually in Queenstown, New Zealand and is attended by representatives of research organisations and industry from New Zealand as well as Australia. 

Computation and software analysis have entered nearly every field of scholarship in recent years. From digital publication and mapping of relevant geo-referenced data to 3D modelling, in each case there is some sign in the computer code of the scholarly thought that underlies the project, of the intellectual argument around which the outcome is based.

The fact that scholarly software includes scholarly content is broadly accepted. What remains controversial is how identify what scholarly contribution has been made by a piece of software. Its makers tend to express the scholarship…

Last month saw the BioC 2014 conference take place at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA. Starting with a Developer Day on July 30th, it continued with a series of talks and workshops until August 1st.

Bioconductor is an R-based open-source, open-development software project. It  provides tools for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomics data. First developed in 2001 by Robert Gentleman, who also co-founded R with Ross Ihaka, it is overseen by a core team based at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, alongside several other American and…

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