On 28 May 2020, the RDA published the pre-final version of their COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines covering four research areas – clinical data, omics practices, epidemiology and social sciences. This document is also complemented by overarching areas focusing on legal and ethical considerations, research software, community participation and indigenous data.
By Olly Butters (editor), Esther Plomp, Sarah Gibson, Eirini Zormpa, Bezaye Tesfaye, Tudor Amariei Developing your ideal workflow is hard. We think one of the most important parts, relevant to almost everyone, is version control.
Demonising researchers who publish their code discourages openness, say Neil Chue Hong and Simon Hettrick.
By Ben Krikler (editor), Shoaib Sufi, Radovan Bast and Jo Leng

By Raniere Silva, Malvika Sharan, Colin Sauze, Yo Yehudi, Claire Wyatt (authors’ names are arranged in no particular order)

This post is part of the CW20 speed blog posts series.

By Rachael Ainsworth, Neil Chue Hong and Shoaib Sufi 
"The duty to document does not cease in a crisis, it becomes more essential."
The next Community of Edinburgh Research Software Engineers (CERSE) meeting will be held online due to the COVID-19 lockdown.
By Mike Jackson, EPCC This blog post was originally published on the EPCC blog. 
By Matthew Bluteau, Research Software Engineer at UKAEA Fusion Laboratory
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