Diversity & Inclusion

SSI Research Director Caroline Jay was recently recognised as one of the 'Top 50 Women in Engineering 2022'. In this post she reflects on the need to increase diversity in Research Software Engineering.
A report published this month summarises the discussions and suggestions from the Vive la Différence - Research Software Engineers workshop. 
Why do you need to be mindful to write sustainable software? Why do you need an inclusive environment to be able to write sustainable software? Is it possible that sustainable software approaches could support mindfulness and inclusivity?
By SSI Fellow Yadira Sánchez.
Emma Karoune, Maria Nanton and Marta Mangiarulo discuss ways to make research outputs accessible to wider audiences.
For science to be truly open, we should learn to recognise inequities in science and act to change that.
SSI Director Neil Chue Hong looks at how diversity and inclusion in the research software engineering community compares to similar fields.
With in-person events set to return, Dr Robin Wilson shares his experiences of attending conferences with a wheelchair and suggests how to make events more accessible.
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