The Software Sustainability Institute is hosting a workshop in Edinburgh on the 16th October to discuss the current and changing software ecosystem used on UK e-Infrastructure from laptops to supercomputers, with the aim of providing a report with recommendations for the RCUK e-Infrastructure Group, and BIS e-Infrastructure Leadership Council. It is being run on behalf of the National e-Infrastructure Project Directors Group, and the workshop is open to all working in the research software community, including users, service providers, developers, funders and policy makers.

The EPSRC Research Infrastructure team, with the help of its Strategic Advisory team, Research Council colleagues and key members of the EPS community have formulated an EPSRC e-infrastructure roadmap to begin to develop a clear strategy and action plan for EPSRC.

The roadmap has been published both as a PDF and series of web-pages on the Research Infrastructure section of the EPSRC website. Many thanks to all of you who have been involved in providing input and feedback on the roadmap.

In the roadmap EPSRC aims to:

E-infrastructure: the ecosystem for innovation - one year on is a report, released last week by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, that outlines progress on implementing the UK’s e-infrastructure strategy.


 The strategy proposed a series of recommendations to help develop national e-infrastructure, and we are happy to see that…

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