Human-centred design

In the third of four blogs SSI Fellow, Meag Doherty, speaks about RSE's experience with UX design following a week of talks and meetups in London and Cambridge. She shares tales of negative experiences and what we can do about it.
In the second of four blog posts related to the topic of human-centred design, Meag Doherty summarises her talk focussing on human-centred design at the last Alan Turing's AI for multiple long-term conditions: Research Support Facility (RSF) project seminar series.
SSI Fellow, Meag Doherty, speaks about her motivation for attending RSECon22: to raise the profile of human-centred design — a way of working that centres user needs throughout a project— in research software development. 
Researchers from The Open University (OU) spearhead a £1 million project, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), to change the culture of software engineering.
By Alexander Morley, Software Sustainability Institute Fellow This post was first published in Alex Morley's blog. Note: A couple weeks ago I went on a week long residency learning about human- or user-centred design. I learnt a lot, but am obviously not an expert. Thus the aim of this post is to share what I learned and my opinion about why a wider consideration of these techniques could be a good thing, rather than tell you how to run your project.
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