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By Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research.

By Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research.

On this page, we've provided more information about the RSE Cloud Computing Award and how it works.


All questions and suggestions should be sent to


We will use the word event to refer to conferences, meetings, training, workshops and other events.

The word Fellow or Fellows will refer to a recipient of the RSE Cloud Computing Award.

The Research Software Engineering (RSE) Cloud Computing Awards, supported by Microsoft, enable RSEs to explore, educate and extend cloud computing for researchers.

The Software Sustainability Institute are very pleased to announce Microsoft as the primary sponsor of the Docker Containers for Reproducible Research Workshop (C4RR). They have offered very kindly Azure Cloud time to every attendee! Azure Container Service supports Docker and can be used to improve reproducible research.

By Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead

Cloud computing proposals wanted for Internet of Things research

By Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research

By Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research

When people talk about big data, data science and streaming data from devices, it can seem pretty scary. It conjures up images of complex IT infrastructure, many different systems to be stitched together, and requiring expertise beyond most researchers’ comfort zone. You certainly need to think about what you’re trying to do, but with cloud computing you can create what you need easily through a web portal, script or program. For example, researchers at the University of Oxford have taken their machine learning prototype from the lab, processing…

By Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research

One thing that most of us never have enough of is time. Developing skills through Software Carpentry, software reusability, open data, open research, and growing the cohort of Research Software Engineers can really help reduce the time taken for us to do our research. The Software Sustainability Institute is leading the charge with this, and increasing people’s capabilities is a recipe for success. But when it comes down to it, eventually we have to run some code, a processing pipeline, big data computation, or share massive amounts of data.

Microsoft Research is to hold an open evening at its Cambridge headquarters as part of its search for new research software engineers.

The event will take place at Microsoft Research Cambridge on Monday February 2nd 2015 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, and will feature a chance to meet Microsoft researchers and see demonstrations of their current work. Drinks and refreshments will also be provided.

Software engineers will be able to learn more about Microsoft's current opportunities in these fields, which include openings in all of Microsoft Research's development teams. These…

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