From 29 to 31 May 2018, PRACE will organise the fifth edition of its Scientific and Industrial Conference—PRACEdays18—under the motto "HPC for Innovation: when Science meets Industry" in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Today’s supercomputers are the most powerful calculating machines ever invented, capable of performing more than a thousand million million calculations every second.

By Mike Jackson

On the 3rd of December, Software Carpentry returned to Edinburgh with EPCC hosting a boot camp as part of EPCC's involvement in both the PRACE Advanced Training Centre and The Software Sustainability Institute.

We had 34 attendees, half from Edinburgh and Glasgow and half from across the UK, with one attendee from Rutgers University. They included researchers from a wide range of disciplines: physics, engineering, chemistry and life sciences, earth sciences, medicine and space sciences, and humanities and social sciences. About half the attendees were PhD…

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