Raising awareness

By Will Fyson (ORCID), University of Southampton.

Originally published on the Software Carpentry blog.

Part of being a successful researcher lies in the ability to stand out from your peers, which can be done through making and being acknowledge for valuable and original contributions. Once acknowledged for one discovery this can then act as a springboard to allow your peers to identify your other scholarly contributions, or alternatively identify potential for future collaboration, or be used as a proof of your research skills when applying for further funding. In…

By Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director.

This article originally appeared in Research Fortnight.

With few exceptions, every significant advance in research over at least the past 30 years would have been impossible without computer software. Research software—used to produce results rather than for, say, word processing or web searches—has spread far beyond traditionally computational fields such as particle physics and bioinformatics to achieve near ubiquity in all disciplines. In my role at the Software Sustainability Institute, I have worked with everyone from fusion…

By Norman Gray, Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Glasgow

Astronomy and Computing is a new journal for the growing number of people who work in the domain where astronomy overlaps with computer science and information technology.

Astronomy and Computing provides a new communication channel within that community, which is not well served by current journals, and helps to secure recognition of the true importance of software, computer science and information technology within modern astronomy. The journal provides a vehicle to…

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