Research Software Engineer Leaders

By Bérénice Batut, Malvika Sharan, Emmy Tsang, and Yo Yehudi
The Society of Research Software Engineering is running a free workshop for aspiring RSE leaders. It will provide you with the contacts and expertise to run your own RSE Group or become a leader in the RSE community. At the workshop you will network with established RSE leaders, learn about some of the challenges facing RSEs and RSE Groups, and take part in discussions about the solutions to these challenges.
The first State of the Nation Report for Research Software Engineers provides a history of the RSE campaign and a snapshot of the RSE community as it stands today. If you want to know how a name coined during one of our workshops turned into an 800 strong community which is gathering interest from around the world, then the report is a good place to start.
If we want research to benefit from reliable software, we need to create a home in academia for Research Software Engineers (RSEs). In the long term, this means the creation of an RSE career path, but that involves a rather heavyweight shift in the way that universities deal with staff. Fortunately, there’s also a short-term solution: create more “research software groups”. This week, leaders of these groups met to discuss how they can work together, and how they can support the formation of new research software groups across the UK.
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