ConferencePeople.jpgThe Software Sustainability Institute has successfully assisted researchers with their software in a number of Research Software Group projects. Here is what some of them have to say about collaborating with the Institute:

"We are in a position to fundamentally reorganise the heart of the software. By doing so, this will enable us to maintain the software into the future and facilitate the process of adding new functionality to the software ... SSI can assist in having software usable by others not just for a few months or a year, but rather for a much longer software lifetime"

- Eric Rexstad, Distance

"We were already following a lot of best practice and it was very good to get this confirmation. We're not computer scientists and don't come from a software development background - we're all scientific programmers - so it was good to get some confirmation that what we do is on the right track"

- Andreas Hegar, CGAT

"It's been very helpful. Helpful in that I gave them a problem that I didn't know how to start answering, and they stepped in without a problem. There's a big step between developing something to use yourself, and something you let loose for others to use. The Institute brought the sort of…

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