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By Evelyn Greeves

This post first appeared on the Cloud-SPAN forumLast year, the first Genomics course was delivered, and Community Manager and FAIR coordinator, Evelyn Greeves, blogged about what we learned which included dividing the course into Prenomics and Genomics. Now Evelyn is back with another blog on how that went…

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Photo by Arno Senoner.

By Heather Turner, University of Warwick.

Mentorship programmes such as the 12-week Learn to Code programme run as part of the Research Software Camps offer a great opportunity for researchers to level up their coding skills. I took part in this programme as a mentor in the run-up to the Beyond the Spreadsheet Research Software Camp, November 2021. Based on my experience, this guide offers some tips for how mentors can set up a successful short-term mentoring relationship.

1. Be clear about what you can offer

The first stage of most mentoring programmes will be to match mentees with mentors. Help the organizers make a good match by letting them know what topics you’d most like to focus on and any other priorities or connections you have. For example, I said that I preferred…

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By Yanina Bellini Saibene and Paola Corrales.

Last Year Paola Corrales and Yanina Bellini Saibene members from the MetaDocencia community offered the workshop From Spreadsheet to R at the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet. Later today (17 May 2022, they're teaching the same workshop but in Spanish (Desde las Hojas de Cálculo a R) at the Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding, for the benefit of Spanish-speaking research communities. In this blog post, they tell us more about MetaDocencia.

What is MetaDocencia? 

MetaDocencia is an inclusive and collaborative community that improves education by empowering instructors from underserved countries. MetaDocencia nurtures a community of Spanish-speaking educators by teaching concrete, evidence-based, and student-centred educational methods. MetaDocencia focuses on teaching technical skills for open and…

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By Aleksandra Nenadic, SSI Training Lead.

There are many free and open training resources available to researchers and Research Software Engineers to upskill on various topics around software development, research data management/analysis, software project management, open and reproducible science, teaching and lesson development skills, and more. We listed some of them in our previous blog post “Training resources for researchers that want to learn to code”. Here, we expand that reference resource with more training entries. Note that this reference is not an exhaustive list - if you’d like a training resource mentioned here, please get in touch.

Some of these courses are…

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Image by Lindsay Henwood

The SSI is looking for workshop proposals, as part of the Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding.

Our spring Research Software Camp: Next steps in coding will focus on improving computational and training skills and exploring existing resources out there. The Camp will be held from 16th to 27th May 2022. 

The Camp’s organising committee already have a few workshops planned, but we’re looking for contributions from our communities. If you’re interested in facilitating a workshop aimed at either beginner or intermediate learners, then we’d like to hear from you. We’re looking for sessions from 1 hour to 1 day long - submit your ideas by 10th April.

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Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

Here our Training Lead, Aleksandra Nenadic has rounded up our training updates and upcoming events. If you’d like to see an upcoming workshop or an important training-related update included here, get in touch!

Upcoming training events/workshops

If you want to learn how to develop lessons collaboratively and have an idea for developing a new lesson from scratch with a group of collaborators (at least one of which should be a certified Carpentries Instructor) you can apply to join The Carpentries Collaborative Lesson Development Training Pilots.

The Alan Turing…

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Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

Updated 18 February - *new updates.

SSI Training Lead Aleksandra Nenadic has rounded up our training updates and upcoming events. If you’d like to see an upcoming workshop or an important training-related update included here, get in touch!

Upcoming training events/workshops

*The Alan Turing Institute is organising a "Data science education interest group: launch event”, 2 March 2022, 14:00 - 15:00 GMT. This interest group is aimed at addressing the skills challenges in data science and AI, and identifying good practices for education and skills provision.

*JISC Digifest 2022, 8-9 March, Birmingham and online. Bringing together the UK’s learning and teaching community to consider the next stage in the evolution of learning.

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Photo by heylagostechie on Unsplash

A team of experts from the Software Sustainability Institute is currently working on a new Intermediate Software Development training course, which will be piloted then launched later this year. 

The online pilot for this course will be run around May - June 2021, over three or four half-days. We’re looking for a base of learners from a broad set of backgrounds in academia. If you’d like to be considered, please fill in the form to express your interest by the end of April.

A typical learner for this course may be someone who finished an undergraduate degree and, moving into academic research and needing to write some code, gained basic software development skills either…

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The SSI has developed and co-developed an array of training resources aimed at various levels of expertise. These resources are all listed here. Some of our collaborators include The Carpentries, The Turing Way, our Fellows, and CDTs and DTPs in the UK. 

If you have a suggestion of a resource we should add, please let us know by email

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Photo courtesy of Markus Spiske

The Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) is excited to announce its involvement in three successful bids to the UKRI Innovation Scholars: Data Science Training in Health and Bioscience initiative. The programme’s key objective is to produce training opportunities for researchers in areas ranging from bioinformatics to the social sciences, to give them the self-confidence and skills to manage and analyse their data. 

In partnership with The Carpentries, the SSI has coordinated, developed and delivered training in research software to thousands of researchers in the UK over the past ten years. Collaborating with three of the eight funded projects will bring together the SSI’s extensive training expertise towards improving research software practices within the Health and Bioscience domains. 

SSI Director,

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