The Agents Network

The Agents network ran from September 2011 to December 2012. Based on the success of the Agents, we decided to expand the both the size and the responsibilities of the network and in January 2013 we launched the Fellowship programme.

The Agents network were a group of researchers from a wide range of fields who helped keep the Institute up to date on the latest developments in the research field. The Agents travelled to thirty conferences to represent the Institute sent back conference intelligence reports on the discoveries they made. They worked with the Institute at Software Carpentry bootcamps and workshops, wrote tens of blog posts and guides, partnered with us on funding proposals, gained the Institute invitations to talk to their community, introduced us to new communities and helped to recruit our Fellows.

Information about the Agents

Here's some further information about Agent resources:

Who were the Agents?

Our Agents were UK-based, early-career researchers with a good knowledge of their research domain, experience of research collaborations and a desire to travel and meet new people. They worked for UK-based research organisations, and many specialised in research domains that have been highlighted by the RCUK as being strategically important to UK research: the ageing population, environment and climate change, the digital economy, energy and food security.

The benefits

  • Up to £3000 a year to attend the conferences and events
  • Research domain benefits from the best support for software development
  • Added influential researchers to professional network
  • An improved knowledge of effective techniques for developing sustainable software
  • A great addition to the Agent's CV

More information

More information about the Agents network is available in the terms and conditions.

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