Upcoming and past events

We attend many events, conferences and workshops and give talks and run workshops. This page lists both our upcoming events and those we've attended in the past.

Please keep tuned to our blog and Twitter feed for our current activities.

Upcoming events

Date Event Location Who'll be there Links
9-13 December American Geophysical Union San Francisco, USA Aleksandra Website, Blog

Past events

Date Event Location Attended By Attendees Links to materials
3-4 December Software Carpentry boot camp EPCC, The University of Edinburgh Mike, Mario 34 Website, Material, Blog
6-7  Computing workshops for bioinformatics and bilogists at TGAC TGAC, Norwich Aleksandra



Training materials
4-5 November ELIXIR meeting on bioinformatics training  TGAC, Norwich Aleksandra 25 Website
17 September Software and Polar Research Workshop Cambridge Aleksandra ~20 Website, Blog
9-11 September Digital Research 2013 Oxford Neil, Simon, Aleksandra ~40 Website
28-30 August SeIUCCR Summer School 2013 Daresbury Steve 24 Website
21 August INTECOL13 London Steve, Mike, Carole ~100 ("what makes good code good" session)
~ 30 ("Robust extensible ecological models and methods" talk)
14 August Workshop for e-infrastructure trainers Hartree Centre, Daresbury  Simon, Alexander, Aleksandra ~50 Website
19-23 July International Society for Computational Biology Conference 2013 Berlin, Germany Carole, Aleksandra  ~500 Website, Carole's slides
15-16 July Software Carpentry boot camp for Beacon Satellite Symposium University of Bath AlexC, Mike, MichaelC 24 GitHub, Blog, Blog (Software Carpentry)
11-12 July Software Carpenty at Indiana University Indiana University Aleksandra ~25 Blog
8-9 July Software Carpentry and BIO at SESYNC SESYNC in Annapolis Neil, Aleksandra 20 Website
1-2 July Software Carpentry boot camp University of Oklahoma USA Aleksandra 40 Blog
24-25 June Software Carpentry boot camp for Women in Science and Engineering Microsoft Research, Cambridge, USA Aleksandra 120 Blog
03-04 June Software Carpentry boot camp for ICSS Southampton University RobinW, Steve, Tim 48 Blog (Software Carpentry)
18-19 May Software Carpentry boot camp Jagiellonian University, Krakow Aleksandra 30 Blog
14 May Research Programming in Practice seminar UCL Mike 8 Website (UCL)
9-10 May Software Carpentry boot camp for DTCs Oxford Shoaib, Mario 39 Blog (EPCC), Blog (Software Carpentry)
18-19 April Software Carpentry boot camp University of Manchester Mike, Aleksandra, Shoaib, MichaelC 30 Website, Materials, Blog
15 April e-Infrastructure Academic User Community Forum UCL, London Neil, Dave, Simon. 80 Website, Simon's presentation.
8-12 April EGI Community Forum 2013 Manchester Aleksandra, Mike, Neil, Shoaib, Simon, Steve, Tim 400 Website, Pre-blog, Blog, Shoaib's presentation, Simon's presentation.
11 April EGI Community Forum 2013 boot camp highlights Manchester Mike 15, 15 and 20 Q and A, Materials, Blog, Blog (EPCC), Blog (Software Carpentry)
25-26 Mar ELIXIR-UK/GOBLET workshop Norwich Carole, Mike, Neil, James Hetherington. 53 Website
21-22 Mar Collaborations Workshop 2013 Merton College, The University of Oxford Everyone - Website
11-13 Mar Open Grid Forum 37 The University of Virginia, USA Steve 50 Website
7-8 Mar Software Carpentry boot camp The University of Virginia, USA Steve 33 Blog
6 Mar Demystifying software design workshop Royal Academy of Engineering, London Simon 40 Website
25-26 Jan Bioinformatics Software Carpentry boot camp Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, Germany Steve 35 Blog (SoundSoftware)
22-23 Jan Software Carpentry boot camp Technical University, Munich Steve 22 Materials
4-5 Dec Software Carpentry boot camp EPCC, The University of Edinburgh Mike, Neil, Mario, Aleksandra 45 Blog, Blog (feedack from attendees), Blog (Software Carpentry), Materials
15 Nov Science Policy seminar Institute of Physics, London, UK Simon 60 Presentation from similar meeting
30-31 Oct Software Carpentry boot camp Oxford University, UK Steve, Mike ~30 Blog, Materials
22-23 Oct Software Carpentry boot camp Newcastle University, UK Mike, Mario, Aleksandra ~40 Blog, Materials
8-10 Oct Open Grid Forum 36 Chicago, USA Steve 59 Website
17-20 Sep IGE GlobusEurope/EGI Technical Forum 2012 Prague, Czech Republic Steve 404 EGI Blog
10-12 Sep Digital Research 2012 Oxford, UK Carole, Dave, Duncan, Mike, Neil, Shoaib, Simon, Steve 100


6 Sep 2nd Annual DiRAC Day Glasgow, UK Mike 30


13-16 Aug SeIUCCR Summer School Oxford, UK Steve 30

Website, Blog

29 Jun Application and developments of the statistical software environment R Royal Statistical Society, London, UK Rob ~70  

27-28 Jun

3rd SWO Workshop Manchester, UK Steve 14 Website
21 Jun SICSA PhD Conference Glasgow Caledonian University, UK Mike 12 (for session) Website, Blog
18 Jun SoundSoftware 2012 QMUL, UK Dave, Steve ~70 Website, Blog
14-15 May Software Carpentry boot camp Newcastle University, UK Neil, Mike, Steve 43 Blog, Materials
14-15 May Science Communication 2012 London, UK Simon 430 Website
30 Apr-1 May Software Carpentry boot camp UCL, London, UK Neil, Mike, Steve ~45 Blog
26-28 Mar European Globus Community Forum / EGI Community Forum Munich, Germany Steve 60/410 Website
21-22 Mar Collaborations Workshop 2012 Oxford, UK All 60 Website
20 Mar DIAMOND MX Micro Seminar Oxford, UK Mike 30  
12-14 Mar Open Grid Forum 34 Oxford, UK Steve   Website
24 Feb Advanced School on Scientific Software Development Trieste, Italy Steve 42 Website, Talk
14-16 Feb Dev8D London, UK Mike 200 Report, Blog
26-27 Jan POCOS Symposium Cardiff, UK Neil 60 Website
12 Dec Software Sustainability Workshop for Digital Social Research Oxford, UK Steve, Mike, Neil, Dave 8 Website, Blog
5-8 Dec e-Science 2011 Stockholm,Sweden Neil, Dave 400 Website, Workshop
22-27 Nov Terra Cognita and International Semantic Web Conference 2011 Bonn, Germany Mike 50/?? Terra Cognita website, ISWC2011 websiteReport, Blog
18-20 Nov UK/US PES Chemistry Collaboration workshop Berkeley, USA Neil 15  
15-17 Nov Digital Engagement 2011 Newcastle, UK Simon 400 Website
13-18 Nov SuperComputing 2011 Seattle, USA Neil, Mark 10,000 Website, BoF
14 Nov DataCloud SC11 Seattle, USA Neil 150 Website
1-4 Nov EarthCube Charette Washington DC, US Neil 120 Website
26-29 Sep UK e-Science All Hands 2011 York, UK Neil, Dave, Malcolm, Mike   Website
19-22 Sep Open Grid Forum 33/EGI Technical Forum 2011/GlobusEurope Lyon, France Steve ? Website
13-14 Sep SeIUCCR Summer School Oxford, UK Steve 30 Blog
23-24 Jun 2nd Software Ontology workshop (SWO) Manchester, UK Steve 9 Website
20 Jun Effective Scientific Programming Newcastle, UK Mike, James  70 Website, Blog
30-31 Mar 1st Software Ontology workshop (SWORD) Manchester, UK Steve 15 Website, Blog
03-04 Mar Collaborations Workshop 2011 Edinburgh, UK All   Website
16-17 Feb Dev8D London, UK Simon, Steve 300 Website, Blog
7 Feb Software Preservation Workshop London, UK Neil, Steve ? Website, Blog
25-28 Oct Open Grid Forum 30 Brussels, Belgium Steve ? Website
7 Jul Preserving Software workshop  London, UK  Neil, Steve  Website, Blog
24-25 Jun TransferSummit/UK 2010 Oxford, UK Steve ? Website
12 May JISC Rapid Innovation Projects Software Sustainability Workshop London, UK Rob, Neil, Steve, Simon, Mike    

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